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Newsletter April 2017

From the Editor

 If Christ was not resurrected, our faith would have been worthless reminds us Saint Paul. As we approach the most important week in the liturgical year, now is the time to plan how to live this holy time to receive the graces that God wants to give you this year.  

Upcoming events organised by us…

Holy Week in Prayer

 A powerful experience of solidarity with Christ in the last few days of His life up to the Resurrection.

Christ praying in the garden

Thu 13 Apr 17 - Sun 16 Apr 17
Led by Fr Chris Vella sj
Mount St. Joseph Retreat House
Open to all

Description: We pray with texts from the Holy Gospels which invite us to intimately feel the pain and agony that Christ suffered during His last days and to meditate on Christ's Love. We longingly wait beside the tomb… till we taste the glory of the Resurrection - which changed us all to a 'people of Eternal Hope.

Retreat for professionals in Italian 

"Fede personale e fede ecclesiale: la mia esperienza di Dio e l'esperienza della Chiesa"

Thomas puts finger in Christ's side

Fri 07 Apr 17 - Tue 11 Apr 17
Led by Fr Francesco Citarda sj
Manresa House in Gozo
Open to professional persons

Description: Do you wish to come in touch again with what you believe and make it your own once again? Do you wish to spend some time to seek intimacy with God? This retreat offers the opportunity to stop, reflect and pray on what really matters.

Retreat in the countryside 

Road in the countryside

 Fri 19 May – 21 May Apr 17

Kindly note this new date for this retreat. It replaces the countryside retreat that was originally planned for 28-30 April.

Led by Mr Edward Warrington & Ms Rosalie Scicluna
Manresa House in Gozo
Open to all

Description: Have you ever felt that the day to day routine squeezes out moments of stillness? Have you ever felt that the beauty of nature helps you connect with God? Come to this retreat that uses the sights and sounds of nature to enable us to meditate its Author.

Using a Journal to pray 

Fountain pen and notebook

Sat 06 May 17 - Sat 06 May 17
Led by Ms Maria Theresa Portelli
Mount St. Joseph Retreat House
Open to all

Description: Have you ever realised how the act of identifying and writing down your thoughts, desires and prayers brings clarity, further insight and spiritual growth? During this retreat-workshop we will discover how writing can be a useful tool to reflect on and review what we learn through Scripture and life’s experiences. You don’t have to be a professional writer to join this retreat-workshop! You only need a heart open to God and a pen to write down the stirrings of the Spirit! The retreat-workshop includes input sessions, writing and sharing.

The Gospel of John and select themes from the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius 

 The person of Christ through John's eyes

John Ch 1

Fri 19 May 17 - Sun 21 May 17
Led by Prof. Anthony Frendo
Mount St. Joseph Retreat House
Open to all

Description: The Gospel of John is a profound meditation on the person of Christ; Contrary to what was previously commonly thought, John’s gospel has a good deal of geographical and chronological information that is even more reliable than that found in the synoptic gospels and which has a bearing on our knowledge of Christ himself. The seminar will also point out connections between the Gospel of John and the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius, Personal prayerful reflection and sharing are included.

Online Prayer

If you would like to experiment with online prayer, have a look at the spiritual blog, Let’s Journey…  This blog will offers a space that will help those who want to continue journeying with God. You can also subscribe to receive regular emails with suggestions for prayer.

To view the blog and subscribe to email alerts - 

Seeking inspiration…

Here is a contemporary story that is so apt for Holy week....

Mandisa is an American singer with an incredible voice. She became a Christian at sixteen years of age and used her talent to compose Christian music, among others. When her friend became sick with cancer, she wrote a song called Overcomer to encourage her to be strong because God can heal her. Her hopes were dashed when her friend died. Mandisa was devastated but after some years came round to write another song Unfinished.

See her songs and testimony here:

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