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The coming months will be busy and many opportunities of retreats are on offer. Our retreat houses will be very active and there might be a place for you too – an opportunity to spend a few days with Jesus.

Just finished…

Individually guided retreat
A group of 10 people have done this journey in self-discovery and in search of God. Join us next year.
Man on labyrinth
Thu 09 Feb 17 – Tue 14th Feb 17 (duration is flexible)
Led by Fr Christopher Vella sj & lay team
Mt. St. Joseph Retreat House (Mosta)
Open to all
Description: Do you yearn for some quiet time with the Lord? Do you wish to dig deeper or consolidate what you believe? Join this retreat which includes an individual daily discussion with one of the leaders, substantial time for personal prayer as well as "sharing" of experiences within the group.

Upcoming events …

Introduction to the Spirituality of St. Ignatius
Deepening my relationship with God 

Fri 24 Feb 17 - Sun 26 Feb 17
Led by Fr Christopher Vella sj
Mt. St. Joseph Retreat House (Mosta)
Open to all

Description: Would you like to meet God personally, to open yourself to His calls and learn how to recognise his calls in daily life and to respond to them? Then this retreat is for you. We’ll have moments of guided prayer together, instructions on the spiritual life according to the legacy of St Ignatius of Loyola, times of personal prayer and personal accompaniment.

Retreat for families

Weekend of prayer and reflection for the whole family

Fri 03 Mar 17 - Sun 05 Mar 17
Led by Fr Pierre Grech Marguerat sj and Cristina Spiteri
Mount St. Joseph Retreat House
Open to Families

Description: Would you like an opportunity to enjoy some quiet time with the Lord? Are you concerned who will take care of your young children in the meantime? This retreat will enable couples to pray in quiet while trained child minders keep the children busy with a creative programme of fun activities and age-appropriate reflections. There will be time to pray as individuals, as a couple as well as a whole family.

Retreat for priests

Mon 06 Mar 17 - Wed 08 Mar 17
Led by Fr Konrad Grech sj
Manresa House in Gozo
Open to all priests

Description: “I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.” (Acts 20:24) The Year of Mercy has brought us in touch with the boundless mercy of the Lord. How is this translating into our life and ministry? How can the wonderful news of God’s mercy fire us up to become credible witnesses? This retreat will help us focus on the graces we have received and use this as fuel to give new energy to our ministry. It will also help us be prepared to receive more in order to be able to be witnesses of the Gospel of Grace- our calling as priests.

Retreat for families

Countryside outings, prayers for parents and for whole family, sharing, relax as a family; separate programme for children.

Fri 10 Mar 17 - Sun 12 Mar 17
Led by Fr Paul Chetcuti sj
Manresa House in Gozo
Open to Famiies

Description: How is your family evolving? Is it a happy family? What are the hindrances and the helpful solutions for your family to achieve your desired goal in today's world? The programme includes countryside outings, prayers, meditation, sharing within the group, time to relax as a family, prayers for adults and children together. A separate programme will be organised for children.

Retreat for Professionals "Finding the treasure within the Cross"

Thu 23 Mar 17 - Sun 26 Mar 17
Led by Fr Dominic Sultana
Manresa House in Gozo
Open to all

Description: ‘Finding the treasure within the Cross’ is a weekend retreat for all those who desire to have a deeper personal encounter with Christ. Encouraged by his words that “The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone” (Matt 21,42- Psalm 118:22), during this retreat we will explore the buried treasures within the negative situations of the past. In Short during this weekend we will: 1) learn how to stay in God’s Presence, 2) treasure, like Mary, God’s works within our life (see Luke 2:19), 3) explore the buried treasures within our negative past situations, and 4) plan ahead a life in union with Christ.

Retreat for Married Professionals

A light that shines in the dark. A light that darkness could not overcome. Jn 1:5

Thu 30 Mar 17 - Sun 02 Apr 17
Led by Fr Godwin Preca sj
Manresa House in Gozo
Open to Married Professionals

Description: A break from our hectic lives, time for prayer in silence, reflections on biblical texts, walks in the beautiful gozitan countryside, meaningful conversations with friends… what is needed to rest and find yourself. Wonderful! Especially if you work hard. That’s the aim of these three days… stopping to catch breath to continue with serving in your life.

Online Prayer

If you would like to experiment with online prayer, have a look at the spiritual blog, Let’s Journey…  This blog will offers a space that will help those who want to continue journeying with God. You can also subscribe to receive regular emails with suggestions for prayer.

To view the blog and subscribe to email alerts - 

Seeking inspiration…

God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them… God looked at everything he had made, and found it very good.” Gen 1: 27, 31

I imagine God the Father at work to create humanity, finding creative ways how to make man the noblest part of his creation. I imagine God being generous with his gifts to man; the gift of intelligence and inquisitiveness, the gift of language and poetry, the gift of creativity, music, colour, and artistic expression, the ability to appreciate beauty in all its forms, the gift of humour and laughter, the gift of emotions and compassion – the list is rich and endless.

But perhaps where humanity comes to its own is when it employs its ability to love freely. Human beings are able to go beyond themselves and become bread that is broken so that others may find sustenance. And humans are able to love till it hurts not just in a one-off occasion but over and over again. Humans are able to give up their life in order to find it! When they do so, humans take on attributes of God himself and embody what God dreamt for humanity!

Let the beauty of humanity praise you O Lord and may we always hear your call to live up to our noble vocation to be your image!


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