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We entered Advent, the time for us to prepare ourselves to welcome God in our lives. Here are some of the opportunities to live this time in a deeper way. It's a time were our food intake usually increases: Let us feed our spirits too…

Upcoming events …

Retreat - Preparing for Christmas

Welcoming God among us

Nativity scene

God is with us! But do we see his presence among us? Christmas is the time to open the eyes of our spirit to become more sensitive to His presence among us. During this retreat, we’ll be watching an interesting film, have moments of personal prayer, the possibility of individual accompaniment and meaningful liturgies.

Fri 02 Dec 16 - Sun 04 Dec 16
Led by Fr Christopher Vella sj
Manresa House in Gozo
Open to all

Retreat in the Countryside - A God who keeps His promises

An advent retreat in the countryside


Do you feel overwhelmed by the noise, celebrations and activity, that have become the norm in the ‘Festive season’? Are you drawn to explore the spiritual dimension of Christmas? Join us as we excavate a glimpse of the Mystery of the Incarnation and the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This retreat includes innovative prayer experiences, meditations and sharing as well as walks in the countryside or visits to wayside chapels. 

Fri 02 Dec 16 - Sun 04 Dec 16
Led by Clare Camilleri, Maria Theresa Portelli and Frank Mifsud
Mount St. Joseph Retreat House
Open to all

Retreat inspired by icons

Discover new meaning through icons

Nativity icon

Would you like to be better prepared for the Christmas? Would you like to pray with the icons that have proved to be so meaningful to countless generations? This retreat will help you do both by meditating on selected icons and reflecting on the profound messages they contain.

Fri 09 Dec 16 - Sun 11 Dec 16
Led by Fr Gerald Buhagiar
Manresa House in Gozo
Open to all

Seeking inspiration … 

“Lord you come into my life so quietly …
At times I hardly know you are there …
You wait until I find a moment in my oh-so-busy life to turn to you.
And then you swoop, and feather-light, I feel the warm enfolding of your love …
And I am reassured that though you’re often out of sight and earshot,
You’re always present in my life.
You know my needs and when I look to you,
Your love can make me whole.”
Eddie Askew, “Encounters – Meditations and Prayers”, The Leprosy Mission International, 2004, p 12
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