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Still in Eastertime… A time for rejoicing with the Risen One. This is a time for searching and finding the effects of the Resurrection today, in our daily lives and in the world we live in. This is only possible with the eyes of faith. Let us ask for God's help that we may see and rejoice.

Here are some upcoming events that might interest you.

Upcoming events …

Prayers in colour (for adults)
Seeing God through modern art as well as all-time classic paintings

Lida's painting

Paintings have the power to stir us deeper that words. They have the potential to move us internally and bring us closer to God and to ourselves. Do you find it difficult to pray using texts? Would you like to enrich your prayer life through art? This retreat is for you… We'll be accompanied by classical works of art and modern paintings by Lida Sherafatmand, who will be present to help us with this experience.

Style: Lida will present a set of paintings and explain her interpretation of the emotions the artist sought to communicate. Participants will then be encouraged to find their own personal meaning for the painting and to share it with the group if they desire. There will also be suggested readings for personal prayer to help participants transform the paintings into instruments for personal conversion.

Led by Lida Sherafatmand and Fr Chris Vella sj
Fri 06 May - Sun 08 May
Open to all - Mount St. Joseph

The art of making good choices
Discover the will of God - discover your true self

Sextant on map

 Life is a string of decisions, small and big, and the quality of our decisions will shape our lives. Ignatius of Loyola understood the process of deciding very profoundly and shared this wisdom in his writings on spiritual discernment. This retreat will examine his time-honoured advice and help participants apply it in concrete decisions.

Style: A residential seminar/retreat with short 'inputs', personal reflection and the application of the discernment principles in real life situations.

Led by Fr. Chris Vella SJ
Fri 13 May - Sun 15 May
Open to all - Manresa

Healing Life's Hurts
Discover Jesus as a healer

Broken glass

 All of us are wounded in some way since pain is an integral part of what it means to be human. This retreat will be an opportunity to put our hurts and struggles at the foot of the cross and come in touch with a compassionate God who never fails to accompany us no matter how dark it gets.

Style: A residential retreat with short 'inputs', prayers and reflection individually and in group.

Led by Fr. Alex Refalo u Sr. Magdalene Cauchi
Fri 20 May - Sun 22 May
Open to Religious and consecrated persons - Mount St. Joseph

Coming Up later …

Retreat for women religious
“I am the Lord's servant,” said Mary; “may it happen to me as you have said.” (Lk 1:38)

The Annunciation

An opportunity to go back to the source and replenish our faith and commitment.

Style: Individually guided retreat. Duration may be selected by the participants (between 5 and 8 days)

Led by Fr. Paul Deguara, SJ
Sun 19 Jun - Mon 27 Jun
Open to all. - Manresa

Discovering a healthy Lifestyle
A blend of manual work, exercises and reflection leading to an interior silence where we can meet God.

Woman running on beach

Do you struggle to make space for God in your daily life? Hermits felt this need and went to the desert to be with God alone. You too can create your own "desert in the city" where you can meet God in the concrete circumstances of your life journey.

Style: A residential retreat that includes inputs by the retreat leader, manual work in the garden, group sharing and personal reflection.

Led by Fr. Godwin Preca SJ & Jean Paul Cauchi
Thu 30 Jun - Sun 03 Jul
Open to all - Mount St. Joseph

Seeking inspiration … 

 ‘There was a Spaniard there called the bachelor Hoces… He was helped very much by the Exercises and in the end resolved to live the pilgrim’s way’

Autobiography of Saint Ignatius [92]

Saint Ignatius refers to himself as “the pilgrim” in his autobiography and continued to do so even when he became the first Superior General of the Society of Jesus. The image of the pilgrim brings to mind a person on a journey, a person with a mission to reach the desired destination in spite of the tiredness, inclement weather, injuries and a host of unexpected hurdles. A pilgrimage demands interior freedom to leave behind the comforts of what is familiar and embrace uncertainty for the sake of the destination. It also reminds us that the journey itself, apart from the destination, is the place where we meet our true selves and also where we meet God.


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