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Holy Week – the most important week in the Chritian calendar – is round the corner. In the Spiritual Exercises, when contemplating the Incarnation, Ignatius recommeds that we imagine the Trinity looking at the world with love and thinking how best to save and love humanity. The result of this divine discussion will unfold in the liturgy of the coming two weeks. Looking at Christ on the cross, we learn who God is and how He loves. We also learn about life that is marked by suffering but also clothed in hope. May the light of the Spirit be upon us to come in touch with our beautiful God in the coming Holy Week.

Upcoming events …

Holy Week in Prayer

Holy Week in prayer
“The light shines in the darkness,and the darkness has not overcome it.”(Jn 1:5)
Personal failure, trauma, loss of employment, of relationships, of health and moments of darkness can be opportunities for one’s personal growth. Through self knowledge, self acceptance and God’s grace, one can go beyond the suffering and discover a new dimension to his or her existence.

Style: A residential retreat with short 'inputs', personal prayer, sharing in group and individual discussions with the retreat leader. The retreat will include the liturgical celebrations.
Led by: Fr. Godwin Preca SJ
Dates: Thu 24 Mar – Sat 26 Mar
Open to all - Mount St. Joseph

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Trust in the Lord and you will be healed

Trust in the Lord and you will be healed
A journey through selected psalms that speak of trust.
An opportunity to savour the beauty of the psalms and to allow them to carry us in our search to trust a loving God even when this does not come easy.

Style: A weekend seminar during which participants will also have time to reflect prayerfully on their own. Sharing sessions are included.
Led by: Prof. Anthony Frendo
Dates: Fri 08 Apr - Sun 10 Apr
Open to all - Mount St. Joseph

Retreat in the countryside

Retreat in the countryside
Nature - Stillness - Peace
Have you ever felt that the day to day routine squeezes out moments of stillness? Have you ever felt that the beauty of nature helps you connect with God? This retreat uses the sights and sounds of nature to enable us to meditate its author.
Style: Inputs' and moments of personal prayers and meditation in the silence of Manresa House as well as during country walks or in some quiet wayside chapel or on the sea-shore. Collective prayers and time for 'sharing' are included.
Led by: Clare Camilleri u Rosalie Scicluna
Dates: Fri 22 Apr - Sun 24 Apr - NEW DATES!
Open to all - Manresa

Seeking inspiration … 

‘...examining himself carefully and preparing to die, he could not feel afraid for his sins or of being condemned, but he did feel embarrassment and sorrow, as he believed he had not used well the gifts and graces which God our Lord had granted him.’
Autobiography of Saint Ignatius [33]

Ignatius was on a ship during a violent storm and the odds of drowning were very high. This led him to prepare himself to die. Looking back at his life he has a new sense of the gifts received and how he wasted them. Later on he suggested this idea of imagining oneself in the future on one's deathbed looking back at the present moment. It's a powerful use of the imagination to capture the insights of hindsight. It might be a good idea to take this up in prayer during the upcoming Holy Week.

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