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Why Lent?

The water would not have been turned to wine at Cana had the spouses not invited Jesus to the wedding. Peter’s fishnets would have remained empty had he not decided to trust and throw the nets once again. Zacchaeus would have remained a tax collector had he not decided to scale the tree… This pattern is repeated throughout the Gospel and in our lives. God’s spirit can only work its wonders when we create space in our hearts that can be inhabited by God.

This is what Lent is all about.

Upcoming events …

Awaiting Easter - retreat inspired by the icons

Discover new meaning through icons

Would you like to be better prepared for the Holy Week? Would you like to pray with the icons that have proved to be so meaningful to countless generations? This retreat will help you do both.

Led by Fr. Gerard Buhagiar
Fri 19 Feb - Sun 21 Feb
Open to all - Manresa

Retreat for professionals

Retreat for professionals

An opportunity to stop and pray amidst a busy lifestyle

Do you find yourself overtaken by events and there is no time to come in touch with yourself and with God? Do you wish to bring your values and beliefs to your place of work but struggle to find a way? Do you struggle with questions of faith? This retreat is the right opportunity to give some time to this important aspect of your life.

Led by Fr Mark Cachia sj
Thu 03 Mar - Sun 06 Mar
Open to Professionals - Manresa

Embodying prayer

Embodying Prayer

Learning to pray through your body

Have you ever wanted to pray but failed to find the right words? Would you like to explore how your whole body can become a means for prayer? This retreat is an opportunity to discover how our body, mind and spirit can work together - action and stillness become a way of coming into and remaining in God’s presence, a place where we can explore our fears, our desires; our true self.

Style: Participants are guided to pray creatively using their whole body. Exercises adapted from contemporary actor training are used to help participants become more expressive with their bodies and to create routines of body prayer.

Led by Genevieve Mamo and Mary Cassar
Fri 04 Mar - Sun 06 Mar
Open to all - Mount St. Joseph

Retreat for families

Retreat for families

Weekend of prayer and reflection for the whole family.

Would you like an opportunity to enjoy some quiet time with the Lord? Are you concerned who will take care of your young children in the meantime? This retreat will enable couples to pray in quiet while trained child minders keep the children busy with a creative programme of fun activities and age-appropriate reflections. There will be time to pray as individuals, as a couple as well as a whole family.

Style: A residential retreat in Ignatian style - with short inputs, longer spaces for personal prayer, together with the possibility of individual discussion with the leader - in a quiet and recollected atmosphere. There will also be a programme of prayer and activities suitable for children, divided into groups, according to their age.

Led by Fr Pierre Grech Marguerat SJ & Cristina Spiteri
Fri 18 Mar - Sun 20 Mar
Open to Families with children - Mount St. Joseph

Holy week in prayer

Holy Week in prayer

“The light shines in the darkness,and the darkness has not overcome it.”(Jn 1:5)
Personal failure, trauma, loss of employment, of relationships of health and moments of darkness can be opportunities for one’s personal growth. Through self knowledge, self acceptance and God’s grace, one can go beyond the suffering and discover a new dimension to his or her existence.

Led by Fr. Godwin Preca SJ
Thu 24 Mar – Sat 26 Mar
Open to all - Mount St. Joseph

Seeking inspiration …

«While he was seated there, the eyes of his understanding began to be opened; he understood and learned many things… and this with so great an enlightenment that everything seemed new to him» Autobiography of Saint Ignatius [30]

Seated on the bank of the river Cardoner, Ignatius had a profound experience of God that affected him deeply. We too, can experience God as transforming our worldview through his insight and consolation. However this comes to us as a gratuitous gift from God. Our job is to make space for Him to enter.


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