CIS news January 2016

From the Editor

We've started a new year and the Lord is still inviting us to follow Him, each one of us in his/her own particular way. Are you listening? Are you eager to listen? Why not come to one of our upcoming events to take a break from our hectic lives and come more in touch with your inner self and the Lord in you?

Here are some of our proposals:

Upcoming events …

Retreat inspired by "Lord of the Rings"
Christian values inspired by an epic film

God comes to us not only in prayer but also through many channels in our daily life. A film that revolves around what is noble in all of us and how this struggles against the darker unredemed side inside and around us can become a creative and powerful opportunity to rekindle our desire to be better persons.

Led by Fr. Mark Cachia SJ
Fri 12 Feb - Sun 14 Feb
Open to all - Mount St. Joseph

Awaiting Easter - retreat inspired by the icons
Discover new meaning through icons

Would you like to be better prepared for the Holy Week? Would you like to pray with the icons that have proved to be so meaningful to countless generations? This retreat will help you do both.

Led by Fr. Gerard Buhagiar
Fri 19 Feb - Sun 21 Feb
Open to all  -  Manresa

Retreat for professionals
An opportunity to stop and pray amidst a busy lifestyle

Do you find yourself overtaken by events and there is no time to come in touch with yourself and with God? Do you wish to bring your values and beliefs to your place of work but struggle to find a way? Do you struggle with questions of faith? This retreat is the right opportunity to give some time to this important aspect of your life.

Led by Fr Mark Cachia sj
Thu 03 Mar - Sun 06 Mar
Open to Professionals  -  Manresa

Seeking inspiration … 

«before the altar of Our Lady of Montserrat, … he resolved to lay aside his garments and to don the armour of Christ.» Autobiography [17]

After his conversion, Saint Ignatius takes a decisive step at a certain point in his life. Following a night in prayer, he decided to put his trust, no longer in force and human resources (the sword), but in God and in God alone. Furthermore, he adopted a different lifestyle, that of a pilgrim, going wherever his Leader, Jesus Christ, would lead him.

Sometimes, we too are confronted with similar choices. I whom do we put our trust? Whom do we follow?

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