Our Voice

Our Voice focuses on asylum seekers and migrants in a particularly vulnerable situation and adopts a two-pronged approach:

Provision of specialised services:

  • Project staff will provide legal, psychological and social work services to migrants in a particularly vulnerable situation, aimed at ensuring that they are able to access the protection, care and support they require to be able to live with dignity and achieve self-sufficiency.

Empowerment for advocacy:

  • Project staff will work to combat disempowerment and helplessness by training project beneficiaries to raise awareness of the challenges they face on a daily basis and to advocate for themselves more effectively.

This component of the project is innovative, as rather than simply assisting migrants and asylum seekers and advocating on their behalf, this project aims to give voice to refugees and ensure that their voices are heard by policy makers.

Through this project, we will offer legal and psychosocial support to migrants and asylum seekers in the community and as well as in detention With migrants in the community, however, our efforts will focus mainly on assisting them to access mainstream services and/or to obtain the protection they need, unless they require a specialised legal service.

We will also organise advocacy training for small groups of migrants in the community, to empower them to raise awareness of their all too often hidden needs and to advocate for themselves more effectively.

It is our hope that the activities organised through the project will provide beneficiaries with basic skills that will enable them to better cope with life in Maltese society and empower them to raise their concerns and make recommendations for change.

This project is part-financed by the Voices Foundation.

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