In-depth Integration Support

Through the In-depth Integration Support project, JRS Malta will strengthen the generic services currently being provided in the field of integration and develop more in-depth services focused on facilitating access to employment and providing holistic integration support for individuals and families who are vulnerable to social exclusion.

This will be achieved by:

  • setting up a programme to provide comprehensive employment support to individuals referred for service; and
  • developing a pilot orientation and integration programme, made up of different components such as: in-depth social work service; language training; individualised educational support; the provision of social and personal support through mentoring programmes; cultural activities; information about rights and obligations, which will be offered to individuals and families at risk of social exclusion. The programme will be tailored to the needs of the individual, with different components included on the basis of need. Dependent family members of refugees brought to Malta through family reunification will be given priority for this programme.

The services provided as part of this project will be complemented by other services offered by the organization including social work services, support to access medical care and psychological support.

This project is financed by the Roland Berger Foundation.

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