Communities of Hospitality

Part of the apartment within the Jesuit Community of Loyola House, Naxxar, which is housing refugees (Photo: JRS Malta)

Through the Community of Hospitality project, JRS will work with local faith-based communities to encourage them to take up the invitation to make hospitality an integral part of their lives, as individuals and as communities by welcoming refugees.  The project will complement existing JRS projects focusing on promoting integration through advocacy, service provision and support to access services.

Communities could participate in one of two ways:

  • By agreeing to host a family and to provide accommodation, friendship and moral support;
  • By agreeing to accompany and support a family or individual in a particularly vulnerable situation, by offering friendship and moral support.

The invitation is open to parishes and religious congregations, as well as to existing Christian communities, such as CLCs or parish prayer groups.

The overall goal of this project is that Malta becomes a more hospitable and inclusive community, where migrants and refugees are welcomed as brothers and sisters, rather than as a threat or as objects of charity, and supported to achieve self-sufficiency and build their lives anew.

Although the provision of support is an integral part of this project, its overarching aim is not the provision of support in itself but the creation of communities where migrants/refugees are able to build meaningful relationships and work towards self-sufficiency and true belonging. All support provided will therefore be part of a care plan aimed at promoting self-sufficiency, so as not to create unnecessary dependence.

Prior to the placement/assignment of the family/individual, JRS will conduct a needs assessment, which will cover educational needs, employment, medical needs and needs for financial and/or other forms of support. A care plan will be drawn up, in collaboration with all the stakeholders involved – i.e. the refugee/family, JRS and the liaison person appointed by the host community – on the basis of the assessment. The care plan will outline the actions to be carried out and targets to be achieved, and will also indicate who is responsible for the implementation of the different actions. 

Communities of Hospitality is part of a bigger JRS Europe project promoting hospitality in ten different European countries and is part-financed by the Porticus Foundation

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