Recycling Initiative at College




The St. Aloysius Football ground was one of the first football grounds to be made with a synthetic surface in 2002.  It is a full size ground covering over 7000sqm with over 300 tonnes of material used.  After 13 years of full use, the football ground surface had to be replaced and the process started this summer.  The question of waste was:  are we going to throw away all this waste in our landfill? Or can we use all this waste for something else?

The sports master David Azzopardi was of the idea to re use all this waste and save it from going into our landfill.  The next question was: How will we re use it?  The sports department immediately had requests from different entities to re use all this material and the process of distributing this waste to be re used started.  The synthetic mat was distributed for landscaping, as a cover on an expensive paved road, a resurfacing of a school cemented yard, a resurfacing of a small football ground, and as an underlay for a leisure area.   On the other hand the rubber granules and sand that was filling the synthetic mat was used as a bed in a farm, and as part of a beach volley project which is still in the making.

Not one rubber granule was wasted or thrown in the landfill.  Through this project we hope to give an example to other football grounds in Malta and Gozo to do the same when their resurfacing is needed.

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