Mission Statement

To combat social exclusion and poverty through training and mobility processes.


LEAPThe project aims to combat social exclusion and poverty through a number of interventions which include the development of a cluster based network system at both regional and local levels which will help foster social cohesion and mobility in various vulnerable localities; seek and identify European best practices through the involvement of transnational partners;  traineeships within NGOs and Government Entities aimed at vulnerable individuals so as to help them integrate within the labour market; and capacity building for social non- governmental organisations and social workers employed by government. Additionally the project will also embark on implementing a national strategy on anti-poverty as well as create a national database for disability.

For further information refer to:  mfss.gov.mt/leap

LEAP Summer Camp

Part of the LEAP summer camp project was held at Paulo Freire Institute between the 13th July and 4th September 2015

English Conversation was held every Monday for children between the ages of eight and ten years. Twelve participants attended regularly.

Social Development was held every Wednesday for children between the ages of five and ten years. Thirteen participants attended regularly.

Cooking sessions for youths were held every Friday. Thirteen youths participated on regular basis.

As tutors from the LEAP summer camp project gave their services towards the children and youths, Paulo Freire Institute offered the premises with its space for all sessions.



Between the 1st October 2014 and the 31st May 2015 Paulo Freire Institute had three beneficiaries participating in the Leap Traineeship Project.

The beneficiaries adapted well to the environment. They all had their tasks to perform which they did very well. They took training offered to them by PFI i.e. First Aid course, Food Handling in category B and another course in Parenting Skills.  They also had an in-house motivation seminar by the Leap Job Advisor.

This experience ended with a summer barbeque at the PFI’s new premises were staff from LEAP, staff at PFI and beneficiaries got together and enjoyed each other’s company. 

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