Request for proposals

Request for proposals for the development, operations and maintenance of the SAC Sports Complex, B'Kara.

Download brief overview of the scope of the request for proposals here

Should download be unavailable for any reason, the document text may be found below:

Request for Proposals (RFP) for the operations, maintenance and development of the Sports Complex at Saint Aloysius College (SAC), B’Kara

This document gives a brief overview of the scope of the RFP so that interested parties may decide whether to proceed to buy the RFP document.

1. Through this RFP, SAC would like to engage one or more Contractors who will upgrade the existing Sports Complex, relocate some of the facilities from the current location to another location within the Sports Complex, build a new building to house additional facilities and also operate the resulting upgraded Sports Complex.

2. The Sports Complex Facilities are divided into a number of Lots and an Interested Party may place an offer for one or more Lots. However an Interested Party may not place an offer for part of a Lot.

3. The synthetic turf football grounds (both the inner ground located on the North side of SAC and facing the Santa Tereza church as well as the outer ground located on the South side of SAC and bordering the Infetti ground), the athletics track and the garages at Xorrox Street are excluded from the definition of Sports Complex and are in fact outside the scope of this Call for RFP.

4. Irrespective of the fact that the Sports Complex may be operated by a Contractor, the Complex and all its facilities shall remain owned by Jesuits.

5. This Contractor shall be obliged to respect the Jesuit ethos that characterizes the identity of SAC by operating in a way that upholds and promotes the values that make up this ethos.

6. Interested parties must collect a copy of the full requirements document, either by going in person to the Rector’s Office at Saint Aloysius College, Old Railway Road, B’Kara or by sending an email to and giving the following details:

  • Name of interested party (company or group of companies)
  • Contact person details (name, ID card, phone number and email)

7. The full requirements document may be collected against a payment of Eur50 which may either be paid by hand at the Rector’s Office of by sending a cheque payable to Saint Aloysius College.

8. It is to be noted that collecting the full requirements document and registering your interest as described above is a mandatory condition to be eligible to submit a proposal.

9. The offer shall be sent in electronic format to the Rector of SAC on by not later than 14 January 2018.


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