One-day training event for social workers

On the 26th of June, JRS Malta organized a one-day training event for social workers who come in contact with refugees and asylum seekers in their daily work.

Entitled “Ensuring Effective Practice in Social Care for Refugees and Asylum Seekers” the training was part of a project entitled PATHS, Promoting Access To Health and Social Services. This project has been running for the past two years and seeks to improve migrants’ access to health and social services through direct service provision as well as providing training and support to mainstream service providers aimed at increasing their capacity to meet the needs of this population.

This year, the training was focused on the management of particularly complex cases in which a number of vulnerabilities and barriers such as financial difficulties, the lack of a stable legal status and mental health problems coalesce.

After a word of welcome from Ms. Kristina Zammit, assistant director at JRS Malta and project coordinator, a presentation was delivered by Dr. Julian Caruana on the intangible dimension of cultural competence.

Ms. Angelina Jalonen and Ms. Tali Ehrenthal, two foreign experts in the field, were also present for the training and they spoke briefly about their work and the challenges they face in their respective organizations. Ms. Angelina Jalonen currently manages the therapeutic services at the Refugee Council, UK. She is a qualified Integrative psychotherapist and a supervisor with over five years practice in clinical work. Ms. Tali Ehrenthal is a qualified social worker who has been working in the refugee field for 8 years. She is currently the director of the psychosocial department at ASSAF (Aid Organisation for Refugees and Asylum-seekers), an NGO that offers aid to asylum-seekers and refugees in Israeli.

These presentations were followed by two 2-hour workshops focusing on case management which were facilitated by the foreign experts, supported by Dr. Julian Caruana and Dr. Alexia Rossi, counselling psychologists at JRS Malta.

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