NGO Submissions to the Public Consultation on National Migrant Integration Strategy 2015-2020

aditus foundation, Integra, Jesuit Refugee Service Malta, KOPIN and Organisation for Friendship in Diversity are happy to submit their input into the Public Consultation on the National Migrant Integration Strategy 2015-2020 launched by the Ministry of Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties.

In its consultation document, the Ministry of Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties identified key areas on which the Integration Strategy will be formulated:

1. Defending rights and fulfilling duties: anti-discrimination and equality

2. Resolving social barriers and providing opportunities: education / labour market

3. Promoting intercultural relations / Raising public awareness on integration: empowering local communities

4. Civil participation: outreach to communities of TCNs

5. Institutional dialogue: TCN consultative council / policy-makers and decision-make

In view of the above, the Consultation is built around the following questions:

-          Do you agree with the general outline of the Key Policy Areas indicated above?

-          Is there anything that should be included or omitted?

-          Do you have any proposals that you wish to advance in this respect?

Our submissions are being presented in response to the above call for feedback, with the understanding that our input is intentionally formulated in generic language as we are approaching this as a basis for discussion and not as an end in itself. It should be noted that, when we refer to the term ‘migrant’ we are referring to third-country nationals1, beneficiaries of international protection, asylum-seekers and migrants in an irregular situation living in Malta.

In addition, we have referenced a number of research documents, studies and guidelines drawn up by our respective organisations that contain in-depth and specific recommendations and considerations. We recommend that these documents be read as integral components of our submissions.

Download submission here.

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