Sixth Form Leadership and Programmes


  • School Leadership Team

The Sixth Form Leadership Team consists of the following Assistant Heads and their respective roles:

Fr Jimmy Bartolo, SJ      Rector
Ms Gabriella Abela Head of School
Dr Lionel Chircop Assistant Head - First Year students, Academics and Discipline
Mr Daniel Buhagiar Assistant Head - Second Year students, Academics and Discipline
Ms Annelise Abela Assistant Head - Student Affairs
Ms Cristina Spiteri School Chaplain
Fr Edgar Busuttil, SJ Jesuit Chaplain

  • Activities

St. Aloysius College Sixth Form offers a wide range of activities to help students develop different aspects of their life and character.

  • Chaplaincy

The Sixth Form Chaplaincy accompanies young people in their faith journey and self discovery. It promotes hands-on experiences that enable students to grow in social awareness and truly become "men and women for and with others."

  • Sports

The College has excellent sports facilities. Sports is an integral part of the all-round education offered at our College. Students are expected to participate in organised sports activities on designated day of the week. All students are given a free membership in the Sports Complex to avail themselves of the facilities during and outside of school hours.

  • Voluntary Work Programmes

St Aloysius College Sixth Form students are encouraged to participate in voluntary work programmes locally and overseas. Opportunities are made available through the Jesuit Youth Network.

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