Promoting Integration and Human Rights through theatre and drama

In 2015 JRS Malta is once again organizing a school outreach project, titled Integration in Action, which has been made possible through the support of the President’s Award for Creativity that was awarded to JRS Malta on 16th October 2014.

With the support of the Ministry for Education, Integration in Action, will take on a new format from previous projects in this area; focusing on a considerably smaller number of schools and reaching out to a more modest number of students, this project aims to facilitate the integration of migrants and refugees by enhancing their capacity to act as agents of change and foster a culture of welcome and inclusion in Maltese society.

On Monday 23rd March, a group of 100 primary school children from Saint Martin’s College took part in the first such activity which was held at the Oratory, B’kara.

To start off the day, the students watched “Stories of Somalia”, a play written and directed by Mr. Malcolm Galea and starring Mr. Joseph Zammit and five refugees. This was followed by an interactive session on Human Rights and the sharing of personal testimonies of refugees in small groups. To wrap up the day, the students were divided into creative reflection groups, in which a greater respect for human dignity and an appreciation of the diversity of people and cultures in Malta were promoted through the use of art and drama.

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