St. Aloysius College Sixth Form Soiree 2015

This year our  annual Soiree took place on four nights from the 6th to the 9th of February. The students worked very hard indeed and it is  thanks to their determination, creativity and teamwork that they managed to pull off yet another impressive four hour show full of talent. 

The first half of the show consisted of a variety of items whereas the second half was the musical 'Aladdin'. Our opening item, Rewind, took us down memory lane to the musicals presented over the past seven years.  The other items were an interesting blend of musical talent, dance, singing as well as a comical sketch. 

The musical 'Aladdin' was a colourful display of lovely costumes, amazing scenery, talented dancers and impressive singing and acting by the main characters. Each year the students strive to put up a great show that has come to be synonymous with our Sixth Form. Indeed it is lovely to see so many of our past students who still come to see the show year after year. This year over 300 students were involved, whether on stage or back stage. So well done to all involved. 

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