Hope Wristbands

Hope allows us to keep going when circumstances are desperate.
The journey of the asylum seekers who reach Malta always begins with danger. But it also begins with hope. Refugees flee their homelands not only because they fear persecution, but also because they have hope: they hope to find freedom from persecution, and safety and security for themselves and their families.
Unfortunately, that hope is put severely to the test during the time they spend in detention. Migrants who arrive in Malta can spend up to a maximum of 18 months in detention. Conditions in detention are generally poor and detainees face further hardship because of past trauma, uncertainty regarding their future and separation from family and friends. Under these circumstances it’s not easy to keep alive the flame of hope...
As a result, JRS Malta is launching the Hope-Wristband Campaign. Young people will be invited to wear a Hope-Wristband and donate an identical wristband to someone who is in detention. This person will know that she or he is not alone. That someone is “journeying” with him. That she has not been forgotten. Knowing all this won’t solve all their problems. But knowing all this will help them continue to hope against all hope that there’s light at the end of the tunnel which is detention. Because hope shared is hope doubled.

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