Services Offered

Apart from the calendar of events, CIS also offers the following ongoing services:

  • Individually Guided Retreats – These are retreats that follow the spirit and method recommended by Saint Ignatius in his Spiritual Exercises. The retreat may take a residential form in one of the Jesuit Retreat Houses and have a duration of one to four weeks. Alternatively the retreat may be done in daily life where the retreatant lives a guided experience of prayer spread over some months whilst residing at home and continuing his or her daily life. In both the residential and the retreat in daily life, you will have a spiritual guide who would meet you on a regular basis.
  • Spiritual Accompaniment – Irrespective of your age and life experience, there will be moments in your faith journey where you will benefit from sharing what you're going through with an competent spiritual guide on a regular basis. In line with Ignatian tradition, the philosophy adopted is one where the person sharing and the spiritual guide search together for the will of God. As such the stance adopted by the spiritual guide is one of accompaniment rather than direction.
  • Personal Discernment – Throughout our life there comes a time when we need to make important decisions. We all have struggled with the question “What does God want out if me?” At these important moment, it is important to stop and discern in prayer and supported by a spiritual guide.
  • Communal Discernment – Some decisions affect the life of a community. If personal discernment has its pitfalls, doing it in community can be even more tricky. A decision taken after a guided communal discernment has a much better probability of being the one desired by God.
Contact us on should you wish to use one of the services above and we will find a spiritual guide who may help you. This may be a Jesuit father or one of our trained and accredited guides.
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