Feedback by participants

Those who took part in the project entitled, "Cultural Mediation; Building One Community" took a very active role throughout the entire training and gave some very positive feedback. They unanimously asked for further training as they expressed a desire for more knowledge.

Below, you can read some of the comments left by participants:

English Classes

  • "It helped me refresh my English"
  • "The English classes helped me integrate with other people in the migrant community"
  • "The lessons helped improve not only my English but they also helped me in another communication skills"

Cultural Mediation Training

Generally a very positive response to training where many felt they learnt more than they expected

  • "It gave me more confidence"
  • "I found the techniques taught very useful"
  • "The training gave me new knowledge"
  • "It gave me an opportunity to learn time-keeping"
  • "I learnt how to communicate with different people"
  • "This project gave me the opportunity to meet different people and trainers"
  • "The skills I learnt are very useful for interviews and jobs both in Malta and abroad"
  • "I learnt how important confidentiality is"
  • "The training made me aware of some mistakes that I am committing when working as an interpreter"
  • "I feel that now I am  equipped with the knowledge and techniques to deal with difficult situations or overcome barriers they I may face with professionals and clients"

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