Building One Community

Cultural Mediation: Building One Community

Between April and July 2014, JRS Malta worked on a project entitled, "Cultural Mediation; Building One Community". The aim of this project was to promote social inclusion by offering language and technical training for 16 migrants to form a pool of trained Cultural Mediators who can offer linguistically and culturally accurate interpretation. 

The project has been developed in response to a real need for trained cultural mediators among NGOs, governmental agencies and service providers, as well as healthcare and legal professionals.  The objectives of the project were to provide a holistic training programme to migrants willing to provide interpretation and cultural mediation, to enable them to provide a professional service whilst simultaneously supporting the broader migrant community by facilitating their access to the various services.  

The project took place over a period of 3 months and was made up of a number of components: the first component involved a period of promotion for the training course among the migrant communities and recruitment of interested participants; the second component consisted of intensive language training by providing participants with a 36-hour English language proficiency course held over a period of 12 weeks; the third and final component consisted a of 2 training modules / 4 full day sessions that covered technical aspects of interpretation by a professional interpreter in the European Parliament, as well as training on the context within which the cultural mediation will be provided, including the migration and asylum procedure, medical services and legal proceedings in Malta.  

This project was financed by the Small Initiatives Support Scheme under the Voluntary Organisations Fund within the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector.

Click here to read some the participants' feedback.

Click here to read the testimony of the professional interpreter who conducted the training sessions that covered the technical aspects of interpretation.

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