School Outreach Programme goes to Gozo

A vital part of JRS Malta's awareness raising activities takes place in schools through our School Outreach Programme. The goal of this programme is to foster understanding, solidarity and a culture of hospitality, which in turn will help to reduce hostility and prejudice towards refugees and asylum seekers.

In the last few months, refugees and asylum seekers, accompanied by JRS Malta staff members, have been visiting primary and secondary schools in Malta and Gozo to raise awarenesss of their experience by using drama, story-telling and culture-based activities. This year, this outreach programme forms part of the Refugee Empowerment and Action for Community Transformation (REACT) project which is partly financed by the European Refugee Fund (ERF).

This project aims to facilitate the integration of beneficiaries of international protection and asylum seekers by: (1) Empowering them to be agents of change through capacity-building activities focusing on: language training (English and basic Maltese); Maltese History and Culture; Human Rights and the rights of beneficiaries of protection; Communication and Public Speaking Skills (2) Working with them to organise awareness raising activities targeting children in local primary and secondary schools.

One such awareness raising activity was organized a few weeks ago at Nadur primary school, Gozo. Below, we reproduce a couple of drawings made by the children themselves after listening to the stories of those refugees who visited their school.

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