Libya - Beyond Imagination

“When I heard the Maltese government was planning to return some people to Libya, I got a shock, I panicked, I thought it was me they wanted to take back. Dying would be better. Life for us in Libya is beyond imagination… I can never forget. It is not good for a man to cry but I cannot express it otherwise, it really pains me deeply.”


In 2009, JRS Malta published a booklet about life for asylum seekers in Libya, entitled Do they know? At the time, Gaddafi was still in power and asylum seekers and migrants were subjected to arbitrary detention, torture and xenophobic violence.

By all accounts, the post-Gaddafi era is even worse. Since Malta has very actively considered push-backs, JRS decided to issue Beyond Imagination, a publication about life for asylum seekers in Libya today, so that the consequences of returning anyone there will be clear to all.

Beyond Imagination focuses specifically on asylum seekers from Eastern Africa, bringing you the voices of Eritrean and Somali asylum seekers who passed through Libya in 2012 and 2013 and who were interviewed after their arrival in Malta.

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