Thanks to all your support we have hit our target!

Trustees from the The Alfred Mizzi Foundation visit the Paulo Friere Institute

Throughout 2013, we have run a fund-raising campaign with the aim of being able to once again fight illiteracy through a project that will offer literacy training to 1000 vulnerable adults through the iċ-Ċavetta Maltese literacy toolkit.

Thanks to the generosity of so many of you, through monetary donations and donations in kind, we are thrilled to announce that we have hit our €30,000 target! The funds will be used to reprint the different books and components required, as well as to train teachers and sustain the service we offer through our premises at the Paulo Freire Institute in Zejtun. This week, we set up the much-needed computers which were kindly donated by The Alfred Mizzi Foundation. Thank you, one and all!

Hundreds of adults and children have acquired today’s much-needed literacy and computer-literacy skills through courses organised by the Paulo Freire Institute (PFI) in Żejtun. This week, The Alfred Mizzi Foundation donated eight new HP computers and monitors to PFI, a much-needed and most welcome upgrade to the existing set-up offered by the institute.

Amongst other services, the Paulo Freire Institute offers literacy tuition to vulnerable adults through the ‘iċ-Ċavetta’ literacy programme, an award-winning Maltese literacy toolkit for adults, where computers are also used to make the learning process more interactive while imparting computer-based skills in the process.

During a visit by trustees of The Alfred Mizzi Foundation this week, Fr Vince Magri, the Jesuit director of Paulo Freire Institute, thanked The Alfred Mizzi Foundation for their continued support in kind, an invaluable asset for PFI, since thanks to these computers, the iċ-Ċavetta course can be taught more efficiently. The computers will also be used for basic computer courses offered to hundreds of vulnerable adults and children.

Fr Vince extended a word of thanks to all those who supported the fundraising campaign in 2013 for the reprinting of the iċ-Ċavetta toolkit through their monetary donations. The textbook sets will be printed in the near future, giving the opportunity to 1000 Maltese adults to overcome illiteracy. Fr Vince said that the next project would be to to make the iċ-Ċavetta toolkit accessible online. 

Mr Antonello Gauci, a trustee of The Alfred Mizzi Foundation, said that it was a pleasure for the Foundation to donate these computers to PFI because the Foundation values the Paulo Friere Institute’s work and contribution within the community. He said the Foundation was happy to offer a tool that would not only be indispensable for the iċ-Ċavetta literacy training courses, but would also be a means to educate people in computer literacy.

Mr Tony Abela, a volunteer at PFI who also teaches basic computer classes there said that over four years, more than 200 people have attended these basic computer classes, which have been of great benefit to society since today the majority of jobs require computer literacy.

Also present at the event were Mr Albert Petrocochino (The Alfred Mizzi Foundation trustee), staff and volunteers of PFI, and Ms Carmen Mamo, co-author of the iċ-Ċavetta literacy toolkit.

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