Archbishop visits St Aloysius' College

H.E. Archbishop Paul Cremona OP came to the College for the celebration of our Foundation Day. The Rector, Fr Jimmy Bartolo, in a short address welcomed the Archbishop and one of the students offered the Archbishop a gift of three books on the history of the College. The Archbishop then addressed the assembly of secondary school students and the staff. He pointed out that Jesus himself was a teacher and that a major part of the Gospels are dedicated to his teachings. 

In a Q&A session with a representative from every division, Archbishop Cremona’s replies were very frank and touching. Among other things, when asked why he had chosen to become a Dominican priest and not a Jesuit, he replied that it is God who chooses for us and that when we obey the call, we eventually confirm for ourselves how right for us that choice had been. The Archbishop admitted that he would not have chosen his vocation all by himself, especially knowing how fearful he can be. 

As to prayer, Archbishop Cremona referred to God’s illumination of the mind, to God’s word that speaks to us in our heart and also to some particular spiritual experiences that marked his journey with God. Most of all, prayer must be full of trust. 

The Archbishop shared about his reactions when informed that he had been chosen as Malta’s Archbishop. He obeyed the call. He reasoned with himself: “if I am not the right choice, it is not my fault! I do not hold the Maltese people in my hand, but I will give them all of myself. My strong petition to the Lord is that any mistakes I will certainly make will only help people to grow and not to be lost and that whenever I will have to say no, people will realize that it is still an act of love.”

When asked why the Church does not seem to move with the times and also does not always seem to understand today’s youth, the Archbishop clearly explained that there is nothing new in what is often called ‘modern’ in society. The Church does not just take on the prevalent culture of where it happens to be, but offers to each culture the unchanging fundamental truths of the Gospel. The Church is also ready to be cast aside and isolated for doing this – following the example of our crucified Lord himself.

The Archbishop presented Brad Lee Fenech – a Fifth former -  with a gift in recognition of his dedication this summer when, along with a group of adults, he completed the climb of Mt Kilimanjaro, in a very successful charity fund-raiser. Fr Rector praised Brad Lee and encouraged all students to grow into ‘men for others.’

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