News from our novices in Genoa

(From left to right) Fr. Agostino Calletti, SJ, Daniele, Andrew, Robert, Luigi, Christiano, Livio, Andrea, Ambrozie, Gianpaolo

The start of the new year at the Jesuit Novitiate in Genoa, Italy has been one of change. The Novitiate welcomed a new Novice Master, Fr Agostino Calletti, at the end of September. He takes over from Fr Carlo Chiappini, who has been in charge of the formation of novices for the past twenty years, first as the Socius (assistant) to the Novice Master, and subsequently as Novice Master for the last fifteen years. Fr Agostino joined a community of seven second year novices, together with the permanent community formed by Fr Pierre Grech Marguerat (Socius), Br Paride Colombo and Br Sergio Zoggia. 

At the beginning of October, the community underwent another change with the arrival of nine new first year novices, to form a community of sixteen novices who now fill the entire fourth floor of the house for the first time in years! The community this year has, more than ever, an international flavor: the Italian novices are joined by two Maltese novices, Robert and Andrew, as well as a Romanian novice, Ambrozie. 

Robert and Andrew were the first to arrive in October. Robert is 22 and previously worked at HSBC in Swatar, while Andrew is 25 and worked as a doctor for two years in the UK. Ambrozie, 23, arrived the following day from Romania. Following his graduation in Theology, he lived over the past year in a Jesuit community in Bucharest, and had been involved in various Jesuit apostolates in the country during this period. 

The Italian novices arrived one by one over the following two days. First to arrive was Daniele, 23, from Lonigo, who has studied both engineering as well as the violin in a conservatory. His violin has already been putting life and sound into our periods of common prayer. He was followed by Andrea, 38, the eldest of the group. He was ordained a priest in 2003 and has already experienced ministry as an assistant parish priest and religion teacher. He will be defending his doctoral thesis in Theology at the end of November at the Pontifical Gregorian University, in Rome.

Luigi, 33, from Genoa, was a member of a monastic religious order and lived in a monastery close to Rome for several years. He has degrees in Art Conservation and Theology and also writes Icons. Livio, 19, from Sicily, is the youngest of the group and has just finished his studies at the Liceo Classico. He first came to know the Jesuits after stumbling upon the website of the Italian Jesuits, and following some more research doing the Spiritual Exercises! Gianpaolo, 25, is from Trieste and got to know the Society through MEG (Movimento Eucaristico Giovanile). He graduated with a degree in Economics. Last but not least is Cristiano, 37, originally from Cagliari but an inhabitant of Milan for many years as a manager with Hyundai. 

The entire community is now looking forward to a journey together in the Lord over the coming months and years!

By Andrew Camilleri 

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