My Story - Birhane, Eritrea

"I arrived in Malta in June of 2012. After spending some months in detention, I was sent to Hal Far Open Centre where I received €130.00 a month.  When I found a job, I left this Centre. However, after about a month, I lost my job and they didn’t let me go back to the Open Centre. So I stayed with my friends. I was struggling from day to day, and was spending the little money I had. When the money finished, I faced a very difficult time. At this point, I had nothing to eat and I was very depressed. Then I contacted JRS.

The help that JRS gave me is beyond words. It’s as if I was born again. I was helped mainly by Kristina, the JRS social worker. She gave me food and money to pay my rent. They even helped to improve my psychological situation. JRS helped me to stand on my own two feet again and start life again.

I am now in a good condition. I have a job. In fact, I have paid back the money which I had received from JRS to pay my rent, although Kristina didn’t let me pay it back in full.

I know some people who are going through the same situation I went through myself. They don’t have anything to eat because they don’t have a job, and they rely on their friends for their daily food. The advice I give them is not to keep their problems to themselves, but to share them with people, such as Kristina at JRS, who are capable of assisting them and helping them in their difficult situation."

Birhane, Eritrea

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