St Aloysius' College Sixth Form clarifies its position

In response to a short feature published in the Times of Malta today, 9th October, 2013, Fr Jimmy Bartolo SJ has written the following letter to the editor:

Dear Editor, 


With reference to the news item published on page 8 of the edition of the Times of Malta on Wednesday October 9, I would like to point out that the title ‘St Aloysius changes sixth form selection’ is not quite correct, and has given rise to misinformed speculation. The title as it appears in your paper leads readers to understand that there has been a change in the selection process for entry to our sixth form. This is not the case. What we are doing is offering a greater selection of courses as well as looking into other additional ways of assessing entry criteria for selection besides academic achievement. The point system based on the academic order of merit will be retained. This will continue to ensure the transparency of the process. All updated information is available on the College website. 

(Reference: Full address to Archbishop at St Aloysius' College Sixth Form)

With best regards, 

Fr. Jimmy Bartolo sj


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