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Structural works and maintenance over summer

Summer months are quite hectic at St Aloysius’ College. Most of the structural works can be done during the months of July and August. This year some of the original ceilings at the Secondary School were replaced so as to ensure safety for all. The external skin-wall that formed part of Old Railway Road that was crumbling is now replaced by a very neatly built new one. Some old storage rooms have been demolished and laboratory escape-routes are being installed. New and better storage rooms are in the process of being built. 

Soon the PV cells on the College roof will be connected to the grid. These will supply the electricity needs of the Secondary School, the Church, the College Community house and the Theatre. A great quantity of other maintenance work in the three schools was carried out. 

New online management system

An online management system (Klikks) has been initiated and will undergo further development during the coming year. This system will greatly improve communication both within the school and with students and parents.

Student volunteers

A group of Sixth Form students organized a summer school for poor and marginalized children at Armagh, Northern Ireland. Ms. Lucienne Pace, a member of the Sixth Form chaplaincy team, and Mr Josef Beck, a past pupil of the College, led the group jointly with the Missionaries of Charity. Another group of Sixth Formers volunteered to help the sick during the annual Għaqda Voluntiera Lourdes pilgrimage. Other Sixth Formers dedicated many hours of service of their Social Responsibility Programme to children, including those that participated in the SAC Summer school, old people and those most in need.

Admissions and new course options

This year, more students were admitted to the Sixth Form. More than half of our Fifth Formers made it into the first year at our Sixth Form. Big changes in course options have resulted in a larger intake of new students especially into the Arts and Humanities course and into the Science course. Another very positive outcome is an easing off in the stiff competition for entry into Sixth Form. The changes in course options include the following: 

  • 3 main streams instead of 4: Maths & Science; Business & Computing; Arts & Humanities
  • Greater flexibility in options at advanced level, especially in Maths & Science stream.
  • The option ‘Pure Maths and Computing’ has been moved from the Maths course into the Business & Computing stream to free more spaces for the Maths and Physics course.
  • A wider choice of subjects at intermediate level, including I.T. and Computing across all courses
  • Students opting for Accounts at intermediate level do not need to have a pass at SEC level.

Management staff and appointments

The Primary School has a new headmistress: Ms Daniela Camilleri Sacco. Mr Stanley Bezzina, who was a Prefect and support teacher at the Secondary School, has become the first Prefect in the Primary School. 

Ms Annalese Attard has been appointed as Assistant Head for student affairs in the Sixth Form.

Schol Francis Wambua joined the team of Prefects in the Secondary School.

Staff training

The three management teams of the schools had an Instructional Supervision Seminar at Dolmen Hotel with Prof R J Starratt from Boston College, USA. The aim of the seminar was to provide better quality teaching and learning in our schools. 

During the week prior to the opening of the school-year, seminars were held for all the staff. During these seminars, the approved Vision Statement for our schools was promulgated. The long-term and short-term objectives within each of the three schools were also presented. 

Throughout the coming year, Fr Ray Pace, with the assistance of some teachers and Mr Stanley Bezzina, will be introducing EYM [Eucharistic Youth Movement] in years 4, 5 and 6 of the Primary. CYLO [Catholic Youth Leaders Organization] at the Secondary School is also in the process of being integrated into EYM.

Visual identity

St Aloysius' College has a new logo and visual identity which will be adopted and used throughout.

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