On the 14th September the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice with the support of other entities including the interdiocesan commission for the Environment, the Parish of Bormla and the Borma Local Council organized TWEMBJENT, a festival on the theme 'Faith and the Environment', in Bormla.

The festival included a Mass on the theme. Stands on various aspects of sustainable development, others presenting work
done by various environmental NGOs as well as a stand for environment-friendly food were set up. Small groups were guided in prayerful reflections on the link between Faith and the environment. A guided tour of Bormla on a double-decker bus was also available. Children were able to watch a puppet show and play a special game of snakes and ladders which helped them to learn more on the theme.  

The event was 
concluded with entertainment from various artists, bands and choirs whose music was mostly on the theme. The people who came showed their appreciation of this festival which helped them to enjoy themselves, learn and pray.

Prior to the event itself, a Pilgrimage was organized for those involved in the organization of the festival and for Jesuits. The Pilgrimage started at the monument of Jesus Christ in Floriana and ended in Bormla. There where prayer reflections on the way and the itinerary included a boat trip from Valletta to Bormla. This pilgrimage helped all those involved in the organization of the festival to be united together by the same spirit.

We would like to extend our thanks to all those who were involved in the organisation of the event, and for all those of you who participated on the day. 

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