University Chaplaincy welcomes freshers with characteristic flair

Preparations for the new year at the Chaplaincy started during the third week of August. Many young people turned up to clean and paint the Chaplaincy premises, and in two weeks we managed to give a new fresh look to the rooms adjacent to the Chapel. 

The first main activity here was a Mass and BBQ for all young people who participated in voluntary work experiences this Summer, both in Malta and abroad. It was very well attended and all present had a good time, apart from being re-united with their friends. 

On 26th September a meeting was held for freshers and many new students attended. During this meeting the Chaplaincy team shared some information about University life and about the services the Chaplaincy offers. Students were also divided into groups according to their course and they had time to share their hopes and fears for the coming year. 
On Monday 30 September the new academic year kicked off with an inauguration ceremony. Mass was held in the Chapel at noon and was very well attended. Afterwards, students, lecturers and administrative staff hung around for drinks and food. In the evening, Chaplaincy welcomed freshers with a bang! Students had the opportunity to hear live music while eating hot dogs. 
This week various personalities are visiting Campus. Since their VIP cars park in front of the Chaplaincy, their first visit is always the Chapel and the Chaplaincy premises. On Friday, during a concert being orgnized on campus for all students, Chaplaincy will be leading a sign of peace and solidariety with students in countries at war, and the guest singer, Ira Losco, will be singing a song to push home the idea.
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