Apostleship of Prayer undergoing re-creation process

The Apostleship of Prayer National Director, Fr Raymond Pace, took part in the European meeting of the AP which was held in the retreat house of Soutelo (near Braga) in Portugal from the 18th to the 22nd of September. The 28 participants coming from 15 countries prayed and reflected on the re-creation process of the Apostleship of Prayer and shared on how this change is affecting the apostolate of their respective countries.

Meanwhile, we will soon start the annual distribution of the leaflets with the 2014 Intentions of the Pope and our Bishops in the different parishes of Malta and Gozo. The thousands who will receive them will note that there is a change of name for the intentions.

Pope Benedict XVI, before leaving, decided that the Pope’s intentions will no longer be called ‘General’ and ‘Missionary’.  Instead, starting from 2014, they will be Universal and For evangelization.  This change aims to reflect a new orientation for the prayer intentions themselves.

The first ones (Universal) are open to interest all men and women of good will, touching issues that are common human needs, while the second ones (for evangelization) concern specific Church issues.  This change is an important fruit of our AP re-creation process, already officially accepted by the Pope.  The Universal intentions should direct the AP to work in favor of the world’s necessities in collaboration with others, even non Christians.  On the other hand, the intentions for Evangelization make it clearer that the mission of the Church is not only something that happens in “mission countries”, a distinction that no longer makes much sense. 

Thus the reasoning behind the change of the names of the intentions places the AP clearly in the line and in the language of the New Evangelization. 

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