St Aloysius' College student on Kilimanjaro Challenge 7 team

St Aloysius' College student on Kilimanjaro Challenge 7 team

Brad Lee Fenech, 15, will join the Kilimanjaro Challenge 7 team's attempt reach the summit in September, as they raise funds for a home to accommodate 100 deaf, blind and physically disabled children in Awasi, Kenya. His mum Pamela is also on the team.

Why Kilimanjaro? Brad Lee says:

"There are a lot of things in life, but when you find something that can help you through it, you'll do it. I'm an adventurous person and I dedicate myself when I really want something. 

I have looked up information about Kilimanjaro, and it sounded interesting right away. The videos and research I've seen about the Kilimanjaro were amazing, and that's why I chose to do this challenge with my mother after all. 

One of the reasons I'm attempting this challenge is because there are a lot of people simply sitting down at their computer while they can do loads of things to help other people who don't have anywhere to live or face tough situations.. but you'll still see them happy. 

In any situation, you first have to believe in yourself, and then start believing that you can do other things... Life just gives you a lesson to NEVER GIVE UP! Hoping for the best!"

Good luck Brad, and well done! That's the spirit! 

Here's what Pamela, 31, has to say about the mum and son attempt:

"I think this challenge was truly god send. It was time for a challenge for both myself and my son, and what better than to do it together? We've always done everything together from a very young age and so why not now? Although teenage years have proven to be difficult to handle it is a phase that we have to go through and I'm sure this experience will prove as a bonding experience and it is a journey that will be imprinted in our hearts. 

I want to take this opportunity to pass a message to all the mummies out there. Although your kids may change drastically when growing up especially in the teenage years don't give up on them! they may come across as arrogant and de-motivated however keep fighting until you find the thing that CHALLENGES them the most and build their adrenalin around them!

Once we decided that we were going for this challenge we started immediately fund raising for the cause. We have read a lot about Africa and the situation there and these kids have touched our hearts! Though this is the first voluntary work were doing I'm sure it won't be the last Although we have gathered quite an amount we are still a long way away and we really need your help to get there! 

It is well known that the most difficult day is summit day. However more than an obstacle I’m taking this as a challenge and I’m looking forward to discover strengths throughout this journey, both physical and mental which will make me a better person. 

Training Schedule: Within the next 5 months I will be doing circuit training twice a week and trekking up and down hills for stamina the rest of the week. Once a week the Kilimanjaro team meet for a 4-5 hour trek, visiting some of the most picturesque places in Malta and Gozo. 

I'm learning that Kilimanjaro is not about reaching summit. It's about persistance, endurance and discipline, pushing yourself beyond your limits! I am aiming towards becoming a better person and a better mother after this journey ...really looking forward to it! Roll on September!"

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