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'Life through my lens' is a photography exhibition open to the public between 16 - 23 July at the entrance to Mater Dei Hospital (all hours).

'Life through my lens' is a rare insight into the daily struggles and celebrations faced by refugees currently living in Malta. The final 25 images, which were taken over a 12 month period by four individuals, although very different from each other, share common themes representing:

  • Starting Life
  • Work
  • Family
  • Community
  • Faith

The images exhibited also reflect the findings of a research project recently carried out by JRS Europe, clearly showing that refugees do not only need protection from being sent back to face persecution or other threats to their safety, but like everyone else, they also need to be with their families, to have adequate housing, employment, the support of a community and the possibility to live with dignity.

For them, as for us, it is these things that give life meaning, allowing them to become part of our community and build life anew.

At the launch of the the exhibition (originally displayed at St James Cavalier in Valletta), Abdullahi Alas Jimale, one of the participating photographers and himself a Somali refugee currently residing in Malta said, "I am grateful to have been part of the photography project organised by JRS. We were given training on how to take good photos which was very helpful for me not only for the purpose of the project but also in many other ways, since I have been active in the field of Human Rights in my home country, Somalia.

Besides the technical aspects, this experience helped me understand how to communicate with others about our dreams, aspirations and our current circumstances using photos. The images on display are a reflection of these issues."

During the project, Maltese photographer Darrin Zammit Lupi gave participants tuition in photography, as well as helping to choose and edit the final pick.

Below you may view some photos from the exhibition launch when it was held at St James Cavalier in June.

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