Province Day 2013


An account of the meeting written by our Province Socius, Fr John Scicluna SJ

In view of the planning process now in progress in the Province, this year's annual meeting had a special significance and importance.

Jesuits and Lay Collaborators gathered at Mount St Joseph for a meeting chaired by Dr Edward Warrington, and opened with a prayer led by Ms Christine Rossi. 

Fr Provincial welcomed all and with a slide show explained what has happened since the last meeting. He said that we have continued to discern our mission. He highlighted the new opportunities and more collaboration regarding formation and development that we are having, especially with Italy and Spain, after we joined the Southern European Assistancy.

We were happy to have with us our Regional Assistant, Fr Joaquim Barrero who was the next speaker. In his talk he touched upon the central aspects of our Jesuit mission, namely collaboration, the universal dimension and the Jesuit / Ignatian identity.

The participants then met in buzz groups and later asked questions.

After a break, there was a touching sharing about their beautiful experiences in collaborating with us by Mr John Galdes, the Chairperson of the College Board, by Ms Katrine Camilleri, the first and present lay Director of JRS Malta, and by Ms Pauline Bartolo, the first Fund Raiser of the Province.

Fr Michael Bugeja concluded the session with a prayer. Then the participants shared 

The next session on Saturday 18th May morning was for the Jesuits. The opening prayer was led by Fr Max Senker (ACE) and Schol Krystian Mółka (PME), who are working with JRS Malta. 

Fr Arthur G. Vella then gave a brief summary about the main points in Fr General’s letter about the re-structuring of the Provinces. 

After this Fr Assistant spoke at length about how this process of re-structuring is going on in the whole Society. Both Fr Assistant and Fr Provincial emphasised that no decisions have been made about the re-structuring of our Province. Fr Assistant added that  Fr General can adapt according to each situation.   

Fr Provincial then presented some possible options. This was followed by sharing in small groups about our hopes and fears. A general discussion concluded the session.

The Eucharist was led by Fr Assistant. Before the Mass, Fr Provincial read the letter Pope Francis had sent to Fr General.

At lunch there was a strong feeling of peace and joy with a deep sense of hope that the Lord is still calling the Jesuits in Malta to continue his mission here. 

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