Two Opportunities Not To Be Missed!


1. Ignatian Pilgrimage: Write your story walking in Ignatius of Loyola’s and Francis Xavier’s footsteps.

A pilgrimage proposed by Italian Jesuits and Inygo Malta for young men and women from 18 to 30 years old. 

Requirements for this special trip are simply good sense and good physical condition for mountain walking. 

The pilgrimage begins on the afternoon of the 4th August, meeting in front of Loyola's shrine (Loyola is near San Sebastian, in Spain). It ends on the morning of the 16th August in Barcelona. 

Fees to cover bookings, local transportation and lodging: €100 (to be payed at the time of registration). Estimated expenses for food: €200. 

Deadline for booking is the 15th May. 

For more information and expression of interest please contact

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Camino de Santiago

The renowned Camino de Santiago is a physical prayer... The Italian Jesuits are offering you a 260km walk in which to lose yourself and find yourself again (from Astorga to Santiago di Campostela in Spain)!

This opportunity is being offered to young people between the ages of 18 and 28. No belonging to any faith denomination is required, only a good level of physical fitness and a strong desire to deepen your personal spirituality.

Frs Narciso Sunda and Jean-Paul Hernandez will act as guides.

The journey itself will not cost more than €150 per person (each person must make his or her own way to the starting point) which will be on Tuesday 30th July at 5.00pm at Astorga. The pilgrimage ends on the 11th August.

For more information and expression of interest please contact

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