Treasure Hunt gets 77 together in aid of Loyola House Jesuit Infirmary


Treasure Hunting around Malta Organised by Young CLC Malta and our fundraising office in support of the refurbishment of our Loyola House Infirmary. Pauline Bartolo from our fundraising & development office writes:

Sunday 28th April was a day full of adventure for the 77 people who took part in the Treasure Hunt. They had to solve clues, find goodies, and take very particular (and sometimes embarrassing) photos! The route took them to nine different stations - Maqluba, Ħaġar Qim, Binġemma – even to a Roman apiary in Mistra – amongst other locations. 

The day started off at Naxxar, with all 20 teams gathered listening attentively to the explanation of the rules of the game… and then they all set off on their quest! The participants were quite varied - children, youths and even families.

The finishing line was at Buġibba – where we counted the points and declared the winners, as well as judging the best ‘I can’t believe we all fit in here’ and ‘The funniest, most outrageous’ photos (we are working at getting consent to publish some of these...). The creativity was great – one particular team managed to fit in a chest freezer! The teams also had to take a picture wearing shower caps in front of a band club! 

The winning team was ‘Maroon’ and they won two trips to Sicily, a weekend break, a full day at a spa, various meals, and bottles of wine.

The event was successful only thanks to a number of volunteers who offered to help us, and spent a whole day at the various stations waiting for the participating teams. A special thanks goes to John Paul Cauchi from the CLC Young Communities Team, who came up with the clever clues and an imaginative list of goodies and photos to be collected! 

The funds collected were of €780, which will go towards the Jesuit Infirmary in Naxxar. This year we are aiming at equipping the Infirmary with much needed and basic equipment, like hospital beds, hoists and geriatric armchairs, amongst other things. This will provide the elderly Jesuits with basic comfort, and a level of independence. 

At present, 28 Jesuits live at Loyola House, – out of which 16 need constant attention and care. The Jesuits residing at the Infirmary have dedicated their whole religious life to the service of Christian and non-Christian communities, both in Malta and abroad. Due to old age and sickness, they cannot do this anymore because some are bedridden, other get around in wheelchairs or with the help of walkers, and most need help with everyday needs. Now, their contribution is to offer their prayers for the Church and for the world. We call it the Ministry of Prayer. The Jesuits are the only religious order locally which offers their own care for their elderly and infirm.

Thank you to all those who contributed to make this event a fun day and we are now looking forward to the next year’s Treasure Hunt!

Our heartfelt appreciation also goes to our sponsors without whose partnership and support we would not have had such fabulous prizes... Virtu Ferries, Seabank Group, The Palace Spa, Dolmen, Meridiana Wines, Icam Photography, DermaCare Clinic, Corinthia St. George and Delicata Wines. Thanks also go to the Old Aloysians Association who passed on our appeal to all their members!

You may continue to support our refurbishment project by making a secure online donation towards our 'Sick & Aged Fund' here.

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