Karl Vella SJ shares a few words

We asked Karl Vella SJ, ordained deacon just last weekend, to share some thoughts with us all. Karl, 31, joined the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 2003 and is currently studying theology in Saint Denis, France.

Karl writes:

'It has been only three days since I was ordained deacon at the Saint Ignace Church in Paris, so it’s still early for me to effectively realise what has really taken place in my life. Although it might take some time for me to experience personally the true  effects of my ordination, I am from now very much  aware of a lot of positive things that  happened to me in the past few days and I am sure that this applies to my fellow colleagues.

The ordination ceremony itself was a simple yet very significant and intense moment to us all twelve ordained deacons as well as to all those who accompanied us during the ordination ceremony and the ‘prima messa’.  In his homily, the bishop of St. Denis Pascal Delannoy who ordained us urged us to encourage people to appreciate who they are and what they possess in order that they may in turn make use of their talents in the service of many others. This task seems to be difficult to achieve but the example of Jesus who washed the feet of his disciples and who said that he came to serve and not to be served can be of great encouragement and inspiration. 

Following my ordination and precisely for the past few days, I have been thinking of the people who accompanied me throughout my years as a Jesuit. Their words, their counsel and guidance, their examples, their prayers, their service and their way of life were to me very precious.

I pray and would ask you to join me in my prayer for us twelve newly-ordained deacons that we might be people who are close to Jesus who teaches us how to serve and that we remain close to His numerous flock. I also pray that we become gentle shepherds of his sheep.'

Karl Vella, SJ - 24th April 2013 


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