Fr. Paul Zammit SJ

Secondary School Chaplaincy

Fr. Paul Zammit SJ is the Chaplain in the Secondary School. He is always available to all students and can be contacted for an appointment for confession or to have a chat about anything.

 The Chaplaincy in the Secondary School offers the following services: 

  • Since the Eucharist is the very centre of Christian life, students have a class Mass per week. Form 1 and 2 have it twice a week. On special occasions such as the beginning of the scholastic year, Christmas, Lent..., the whole school celebrates the Eucharist.
  • All students have the opportunity of celebtrating a Penitential Service once a month. Jesuit Fathers are also available to hear confessions and for counselling at any time.
  • Once a year, class by class, students are invited to take part in a day of recollection which is held away from College. This gives them the opportunity to share, reflect on their life and come closer to God.
  • Frs. Paul Zammit, Harry Formosa and David Cefai are available to accompany students on their spiritual journey.
  • CYLO is a College student organisation which aims at deepening the students spiritual and social life through prayer, discussion, sharing, and games. About 180 students attend the meetings and activities which are held on a weekly basis.
  • In summer 3-day retreats are organized for students from Form 3 upwards at Manresa House, Gozo.
  • Younger students do voluntary work during the summer months.



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