Primary School Chaplaincy 

Sr Rosaria Agius FMM coordinates Spiritual Animation Activities in the Primary School.  

 The Chaplaincy in the Primary School offers the following services:

1. Liturgy with children:

  • Weekly Mass with Prep IIIs, IVs, Vs and VIs   - with specially prepared readings and prayers for children.
  • The aim is to prepare the children for the Sunday's Liturgy in their parish.

2. Celebrating the Eucharist for special occasions:

  • To mark the beginning and end of the scholastic year;
  • Christmas, Easter and Marian Celebrations;
  • Prep IIs - Celebrating their 1st Holy Communion together with their parents;
  • PrepVIs - Celebrating their graduation together with their parents

 3. Celebrations with Parents ( co-ordinate with Class & Music teacher)

  • St. Martin for Prep Is
  • The Passover Meal with Prep IIs

 4. Other Celebrations:

  • Blessing of Animals
  • Blessing of the Advent Wreath
  • Mission Sunday
  • The Enthronment of the Bible
  • Progett Bibbja bl-Idejn

5. Confessions for Prep IIIs, IVs, Vs and VIs  - 

 6. Morning Assemblies: ( co-ordinate with Music, Computer and Art teachers) - presented by various classes; power point presentations on topics related to Sunday Liturgy, special feast days, and others (forgiveness, sacraments, Golden Rules...)

7. Lenten Talks for Prep IIIs, IVs, Vs and VIs 

 8. The recitation of the Rosary with Prep IVs/Vs/IIIs on Radju Maria - in Oct. & May

 9. Bible Quiz for Prep IVs to co-ordinate with the Malta Bible Society

 10. "Live In":  Prep Vs -  co-ordinator  Fr. P. Zammit

 11. Preparing Children for Mass & Holy Communion: Prep IIs and IIIs Co-ordinate with Class teachers


 Teaching Staff:

  1.  prayers/reflections during Adoration twice a week
  2. and once a week for the senior management meeting
  3. Mass/ Reflection during Seminars and PDD days;
  4. Passover Meal during the Lenten Season


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