Here at St. Aloysius' College we are proud to say that we strive to be inclusive in our vision, in our policies and in our way of proceeding. Not only, but we try and instil in our students a deep love for each other.

Jesuit Education:

  • adapts means and methods in order to achieve its purposes most efficiently
  • through school policies and practices
  • it encourages reflection and evaluation that allow for change when change is necessary

Preferential Option For the Poor:

  • a Jesuit School urges students to distinguish themselves by their ability to work together, to be sensitive to one another, to be committed to the service of others shown in the way they help one another

Individual Care And Concern For Each Person:

  • the curriculum centred on the person rather than on the material covered
  • the student develops and accomplishes objectives at a pace suited to his individual ability and character or personality

Education Is Preparation For Life:

  • Success is measured not in terms of academic performance of students or professional competence of teachers but rather in terms of the quality of life

An Inclusive School: Celebrate and Respect Diversity

  • respect diversity: uniqueness of character and ability; consider differences in the learners not only as a challenge but also as a resource
  • diversity of needs: provide for different rates of learning; use methods which target styles of learning when planning lessons
  • promote fundamental values: "schools will be truly inclusive when their curricula, resources and culture accept a priori that there is a wide spectrum of educational needs ranging from the needs of the disabled child to the educational needs of the gifted child"
  • student centred holistic pedagogy: formative assessment, cooperative learning, collaboration, staff inclusion too
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