International Jesuit Networking document released


I am circulating the first document issued today, 17th December, on International Jesuit Networking,together with the covering letter and link to the related website. 

All Jesuits and collaborators are urged to familiarise with the document.

Many thanks, and very best wishes for a Blessed Christmas,

Alison Vella
Communications Office, Maltese Jesuit Province

Dear Companions in the Mission, 

At the end of April 2012, encouraged by the call made by the 35th General Congregation to promote international networking, a worldwide group of Jesuits and lay partners gathered at Boston College to reflect on the matter. The group reviewed the concept and current experience of networking, its relationship to the universal mission of the Society of Jesus, its spiritual foundations and heritage, its organizational and governance mechanisms, and the challenges that it poses to the present structure and way of proceeding. 

Today we are releasing the final document of the conference, the first systematic text of International Jesuit Networking. We send it out to all the members of the Society of Jesus with the idea of sharing this systematization while promoting the reflection on this new organizational challenge posed to our international body by demand from our universal mission.

We hope you find it useful for your own institutions, levels of apostolic governance, and considerations of individual Jesuits and collaborators. To reflect together in this new apostolic way of proceeding is critical for the future of our mission. We have opened channels for a global conversation and follow up of the topic on This site will serve as a reference for future initiatives, and you can download the final document (English or Spanish version) along with other papers on Jesuit Networking.

We appreciate the diffusion of this letter and document throughout the Jesuit and apostolic channels of your province or region. 


Fr. Daniel Villanueva, SJ 
On behalf of 
An initiative of the Jesuit Institute, the Boston College Graduate School of Social Work, and Entreculturas – Fe y Alegría Foundation, in collaboration with the Secretariat of Collaboration of the Society of Jesus. Contact and further information at 

International Jesuit Networking covering letter

International Jesuit Networking Document
17th December 2012 


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