Year of Faith activities for 2013

The Jesuits in Malta have organised a number of activities for the Year of Faith. Here we highlight some of the activities which will be happening in 2013. More information will be brought to you closer to the events.

Our theme, 'Re:Discover - Min ifittex isib' (he who seeks will find), talks of our focus: an invitation to everybody to look at their own faith and doubt, and renew, rediscover, revisit, rekindle... In order to address the many facets we all have, and in an effort to offer ways of integrating faith into a lot of what makes us whole, we will be touching on as diverse areas as art, sport, culture, environmental concerns, youth and voluntary work and of course, spirituality. We hope you will find these activities catalysts in your search. 


Coffee with the Lord: Informal monthly gatherings where students are invited to the University Chaplaincy to have a cup of coffee and biscuits, while engaging in discussion with Fr Justin and Fr Michael Bugeja SJ about issues of faith and religious doubts that crop up in all of us. This is a time and space for listening to whatever those present would like to share or bring forward for discussion.

January 13th
: A gathering for all past volunteers in Egypt, Ethiopia, Algiers, Zejtun, Bari, Naples, Palermo, Catania, Armagh as well as for long-term volunteers in Kenya and Chile.

Monthly Mass for all post-secondary students animated by various student groups, at Sarria Church, Floriana, 7.15pm. Next one coming up on December 22nd. 2013 dates to be announced shortly.

February 15th-17th: Silent Retreat organised by the University Chaplaincy

May 10th-12th: Accompanied retreat for youth organised by the Jesuit Youth Network

Summer voluntary work opportunities will be announced as soon as a call for applications is issued.

A programme specific to all students attending St Aloysius' College has been drawn up. Students, parents and guardians are being advised of events by the school administration. A summary mey be seen here.


The Maltese Jesuit Province has been awarded funds from the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts to carry out the project ‘Re:Visit - the Contemporary Face of Faith’ as one of the main activities to be organised by the Province on the occasion of the Year of Faith.

The aims and objectives of the project are:

  • To create dialogue with contemporary artists about faith
  • To engage and challenge the public about faith as seen through the eyes of the artist
  • To entice young people to allow space for the spiritual quest through art
  • To invite the public to reflect on and express their faith through art.

The project will be based on the traditional concept of ‘the visit’ in Holy Week, that is the encounter of the person and space as conduit of reflection and an act of invocation.Six acclaimed artists, namely Austin Camilleri, Patrick J Fenech, Pierre Portelli, Vince Briffa, Malcolm Bonello as well as Charles 'City' Gatt have been invited to make an artistic intervention relating to the theme of contemporary faith on six spaces in Valletta. The spaces will include facades and interiors of churches and religious/public spaces in Valletta. One of the spaces will also be virtual. 

These six spaces will be open to the public during Holy Week and the week after Easter and will provide an alternative ‘Seven Churches Visitation’ for the public to reflect and respond to.

Faith and Reason

The University Chaplaincy is organising a series of academic discussions with a spiritual background on the theme of Faith & Reason. These discussions take place at Dar Manwel Magri at 7 pm till around 9pm. It consists of 4 sessions in all, which occur as follows: 

20th November 2012: Faith & Reason led by Rev Dr Rene Camilleri.
29th January 2013: Medicine & Faith led by Prof Joseph Cacciottolo.
16th  April 2013: Science & Faith led by Mr Christian Colombo.
21st May 2013: Social Well Being & Faith led by Dr Marcelline Naudi.

More details on


Take a look at all the events organised by the Jesuit Centre for Ignatian Spirituality - retreats, weekend workshops, bible study and much more, for individuals, families, youth, couples, professionals and religious. Click here for full programme.


An initiative which kicked off last year, 'Run for Others', has developed into a bigger event where all are invited to invest some physical energy into a charitable cause. 'Jesuits and Friends' will be running or walking the Malta half marathon in February 2013, dedicating reflection, effort and donations to Jesuit missions. Anybody who would like to join in may find more information here.

Faith and Justice - Economy | Environment | Social teaching of the Church

The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice - Programme of Activities for 2013.

March 2013: A public debate led by Catherine Marshall tackling the questions: How is the Global Economic crisis affecting
the poor? Is there a way to global economic justice? More details will follow.

September 2013: A public festival in Bormla to mark the Year of Faith - Re:Discover the World. Activities will be centred in the Dock 1 area, and the event will focus on the link between Faith and respect for the environment.

Social Teaching of the Church: Module 5 and 6. The CFJ, in collaboration with the Pastoral Formation Institute of the Malta Archdiocese, will be offering the final modules of the course in January and April 2013. Anyone interested may also opt to attend individual modules. More information may be found on the CFJ leaflet.


Ever since October 2012, the University Chaplaincy has been offering a monthly DVD night, showing excellent movies which in some way or another touch the faith question. We will bring you the monthly dates and movie titles as they are announced by the Chaplaincy.




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