Issue 6

Dear Young CLCers,

I hope your communities are settling into another year on their journey together. I am writing on behalf of inYgo to inform you of some changes that are happening so that you are aware and feel part of the process of change.


1. The Name: you may have noticed that our facebook page has changed the logo to one saying 'Jesuit Youth Network'. We have not disbanded inYgo as it was but we are focusing and emphasising on 'Jesuit Youth Network' because we feel that people find it easier and clearer to understand. Eventually, we will start a process of rebranding so that the 'old' and 'new' faces become one.

 2. Sarria: I would like to thank all the communities for their constant dedication to the Mass. As you may have realised in the past two years the Mass was going through a dry patch. Throughout the summer we have tried to work on a solution to revive it but we still need your help. We had identified two main reasons why the Mass was going through a dry patch:

i) numbers were dwindling and that causes some demotivation on the groups preparing the priest, the congregation attending

ii) the experience of the Mass was not as rich as before.

To address the first reason we have invited 4 other post-secondary schools to join in on the animation of one Saturday a month. The first Mass of this kind will was on 13 th October - which was the first Mass after the summer break. In this way, we feel we are giving exposure to the Mass and reaching out to young people who haven't found a good Mass.

The other Masses in between will be still animated mostly by CLC groups and perhaps by PFI youths. And this is where you come in. I have already invited some groups to animate the Mass and you have accepted.Thank you very much. However, I would like to invite you to take the preparation seriously and be creative in your preparation, so that the experience can be truly rich and prayerful. I've made some suggestions to your coordinators on how this can be.

Please please give it time. It is a service this time to the whole Maltese Church. More young people will be attending and its important that we give them a good experience of God as we experience in our little communities. Keep this Mass in your prayers.

 3. The Jesuit Youth Network will not be organising too many activities so that it will give the space to the individual sectors (University Chaplaincy, Sixth Form, CLC and PFI) to network together. So, I encourage you all young CLCers to participate in other activities organised especially by the Chaplaincy. The representatives of CLC on the core group which leads the network are Martha Dimech and Marija Farrugia. I thank them profoundly for their insightful input.

4. Our activities for this coming year so far will be: a get together for all past inYgo volunteers earmarked for the 13 th January afternoon/evening; the silent retreat from the 8-10 th March; formation for the volunteers going to summer experiences; anybody interested in Magis in Brazil can contact me.

 5. We will also encourage you to join the Maltese Jesuit Province in its very creative celebrations of the Year of Faith. Keep in touch by visiting or or better still subscribe to the e-newsletter:


Thanks. Keeping you in our prayers... please keep us in yours.

Christine Rossi


Jesuit Youth Network

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