Does Capitalism impede Human Flourishing?

European Jesuit Philosophers at the biennial JESPHIL meeting. Louis Caruana SJ is pictured bottom left.

Between 30 August and 3 September, the biennial meeting of the European Jesuit Philosophers (JESPHIL) was held at Centre Sèvres, Paris. Twenty four Jesuits from twelve different countries gathered together to share their experiences and to work in depth on one particular topic.

This year’s topic was ‘Does Capitalism impede Human Flourishing?’, and the workshops were focused on the following themes: (1) Pedagogy in our Jesuit centres of philosophy; (2) Philosophy and inter-religious relations, a discussion on the recent book by G. Hallett, One God of All? Probing Pluralist Identities; (3) Philosophical issues and the environment, a discussion on the recent book by Bernward Gesang, Klimaethik; and (4) Philosophy and secularization, a discussion on the recent book by J. Maclure & C. Taylor, Laïcité et liberté de conscience.

The meeting included also a talk by the President of the Conference of European Provincials, Fr. John Dardis, and a guided tour of the Château de Versailles highlighting how some Jesuits were involved in the history of this place.

The final Eucharist was celebrated by the Provincial of the French Province, Fr. Jean-Yves Grenet. The proceedings will be made available soon to all Jesuit philosophers in Europe and the main papers will be published in an academic journal within a year or so.

Louis Caruana SJ (MAL)
JESPHIL coordinator

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