Community Work

Community Work

Paulo Freire Institute offers Community Work to empower the clients to take control of their life situations. We offer support and help in order to facilitate our clients' integration into society. The Institute is an integral part of Zejtun’s community where it is situated and that the people in this village feel they own this institute and form a part of it.

Achievements so far:

Women’s Empowerment Group

Held once weekly for a group of 7 women. This was a therapeutic / social skill group during which these women worked on their personal issues with the aim to learn new skills to deal with the difficulties they encounter. From the 7 women attending the group, 2 got elected in their child’s school council, 1 found full time employment and another part time employment. This was a follow up course and was running for the second year.

Bum Bum Adolescents

A European Grundtvig Project. We are the co-ordinating country, our partners are Slovenia, Rumania and two Italian partners. This project is also in its second year. The target group for this project are parents of children / young adolescents aged between 10 and 18 years old. The aim is to assist parents and teach them new skills on how to deal with the problems they encounter with their children. A parental skill syllabus was drafted and the course has been delivered. 14 parents attended the course locally. We have created an e-manual that both parents and teachers will be able to access to gather more information and teaching techniques that will help them better cope with their difficulties when dealing with young people.

The +50 Cultural Project

This is another European Grundtvig Project which is still in course. The aim of the project is the promotion of a minority culture within the the host country. The leading partner is Germany together with the other parters coming from Poland, Spain and England. The project involves and is addressed to our learners who come at Paulo Freire Institute to make use of our services. The minority chosen by our Institute are the Somalis who are present on the Island as migrants benefitting from subsidiary humanitarian protection. They mostly live in Open Centres set up for such minorities.

Ic-Cavetta Literacy Tool Kit  (ESF 3.66)

The aim of the Ic-Cavetta tool kit is to increase Maltese literacy skills, computer orientation skills and work values among disadvantaged persons. The key purpose of the project is to enhance the employability of vulnerable groups. The project’s purpose is also to ensure that adult training is provided by adequately trained and equipped personnel, especially personnel working with vulnerable groups.

LEAP Project

Since October 2014 PFI is participating in the LEAP Project for the South Eastern Region (SERN). For further information refer to our page on: LEAP

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