Our Aims

The Paulo Freire Institute was set up by the Maltese Jesuits to promote literacy and community development.

Since the causes and effects of illiteracy are many and complex the approach to tackle it cannot be a narrow one.

Thus the aim of the Institute is to empower, and promote the self-development, self-confidence and the talents (including functional literacy) of each and every individual; especially the vulnerable and excluded in society.

For this reason our Institute will apply three interrelated approaches: community development, non-formal education and community social work.

The social work service has increased greatly over the years and this has meant that many more people are coming to seek assistance from our social workers.

All the Institute’s projects demonstrate a great amount of work done on a community level. They are projects, which were designed to meet the direct needs of children (especially those with learning difficulties, and difficult social and emotional backgrounds), their parents, unemployed persons and other groups with varied social needs in the neighbourhood.

Most of the Institute’s projects are run by volunteers and are offered free of charge.

During these last two years, PFI has been focussing on a special project, namely to help children of school age with emotional problems. However, it is very apparent that such a project needs a professional approach and cannot rely on volunteers. For this reason PFI is constantly seeking funds to cover professional fees for a regular service. It is the aim of PFI to help families who cannot afford to pay to receive such services.

Since March 2005 the Paulo Freire Institute has participated in the Community-based Lifelong Learning Programme.  In this project PFI is partner to the Zejtun Local Council and the Directorate of Life Long Learning (DLLL).  Further educational activities at PFI include computer awareness courses; a course in basic Maltese and English. Various developmental courses such as thinking skills, empowerment, First Aid, Food Handling and parental skills are organized at the PFI from time to time.

Apart from the formal literacy sessions for children, youths and elder citizens PFI is engaged in the following activities:

  • Social and Community Work in collaboration with Agenzija Appogg
  • Emotional literacy
  • Dramatherapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Homework coaching for children with the help of parents and volunteers
  • Counselling Services
  • Non-formal education

PFI forms part of the Social Network entitled LEAP! since 2014.  LEAP! is under the auspices of the ministry of Family and Social Solidarity (MFSS).  The network brings together NGOs and Public Services to combat social exclusion and eradicate poverty through training and hands on activities.  LEAP! is a family resource centre to strengthen communities through education and empowerment.  LEAP! has divided Malta into regions and PFI forms part of the South Eastern Regional Network (SERN). 

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