Tips for Success in Studying

Fr. Paul Zammit SJ

Tips for success in Your studies

- At the beginning of the scholastic year fix an after school  time-table for yourself. If necessary show it to your parents or  guidance teacher or form teacher or any other person who can help you.

It should include:

Time to eat and rest, time for homework, time for study, time for reading, and time for activities: Mu┼╝ew, sports training...

Balance all these activities.

- Do all your homeworks if possible on the same day there are given.

- Spend some time reading every day. Reading enriches your vocabulary and mastery in languages, stimulates your intlelligence and creativity.

- Take notes and keep them tidy in a file.

- Find a quiet place in the house where to study.

- If you study regularly, it is amazing how much you cover everyday . - Start your study time with a prayer to the Holy Spirit.

Good luck with your studies.       


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