My Experience in Malta

The time of my regency is approaching the end. Two years in Malta have passed so quickly. Let me recall that experience, trying to point up what was positive, challenging and perhaps difficult for me. 

My regency was quite a challenge for me. First of all I was sent to a new country, a new culture, different climate and temperament. In fact my very first memories from the time of my arrival, were of extreme heat, which made me question if I’d be able to survive two years here. Secondly, my work among Africans was something completely new in my life; I had had no such experience before. I had to learn from scratch about refugee issues. 

Working among Africans made me understand them more and be open to them. Africa is a huge continent with a multitude of languages, traditions, and cultures with natural abundance and yet torn by conflicts, misuse of power, corruption, diseases. 

Having an opportunity to listen to the refugees’ stories, my awareness of African reality was becoming bigger and bigger. At some point I even started recognizing their nationality by their features. Being among them in this very difficult period of their life, helped me to realise how spiritual they are. I have never met any African refugee saying to me that he does not believe in God.  After some time I started discussing with them about hope in God and about His providence. No matter if the person was a Christian or Muslim we could still find a common language, which is faith. 

Looking at these two years I am absolutely certain that I gained a lot for my own spiritual growth. All refugees around the world are the most vulnerable people among us, and because of that they are very close to God. It is certainly a privilege to work with them, giving them space where they can share their anxieties and hopes, simply being with them in this situation, accompanying, serving and defending them.

 I have a great appreciation for my community at the College for making me feel welcome and supported, giving me space to realize my mission among refugees. 

Also I would like to address special words of thanksgiving to my colleagues from JRS for being together in many difficult situations and for the good team spirit. 

Last but not least, a big gratitude to the Maltese Province for being open for me and giving me many opportunities to feel at home. May the Lord reward your kindness by sending new vocations.

Jarosław Mikuczewski 

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